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 Don't be caught without a spare arrow (Sparrow), designed and invented by Joe Rentmeester, the Sparrow puts your quiver where you need it to ensure that second shot on the buck of a lifetime


  • Fastens to Treestands with frame tube or edge as large as 7/16” or as small as 3/16”
  • Requires a 3/32 hex key (Allen wrench) for installation
  • Anodized Jet Black 6061 aluminum
  • Eight 10/24 threaded holes
  • Weight: 1.70 ounces
  • Set screw locking Includes two ¼” long set screws and two 3/8” long set screws. 
  • The eight threaded holes allow for macro quiver rotation adjustments while the slot allows for micro tilt adjustments.
  • High quality stainless steel set screws to eliminate rust and corrosion

Watch Joe as he tags out in Wisconsin and needs to use his spare arrow (Sparrow)


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