Meet The Team

Dan Infalt

Dan Infalt is well known for his successful hunting tactics shared in several popular DVD series, including Marsh Bucks, Hill Country Bucks, Swamp Bedding, Marsh Bedding, Hill Bedding, and Farm Bedding. 

Dan Infalt shares his knowledge, tactics, stories and passion for the outdoors on  The Hunting Beast, an online hunting forum for passionate hunters looking for information on locating and harvesting the buck of their dreams. Dan is a frequent guest on many of today's hunting podcasts address topics such as buck bedding, use of wind and thermals, public land hunting, mobile hunting and more.

Mario Trafficante Jr.

Mario Trafficante Jr. is the moderator and host of The Hunting Beast Podcast, a podcast dedicated to “Beast Style” hunting tactics used by many mobile, public land, and DIY hunters today.

​Dan and Mario are truly grateful for all the family and friends that have supported them along the way. Without their help and support, the dream of producing high quality hunting products would not have become a reality.

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