When is the Beast Gear Tree stand going to be available?

Treestands are available here  https://www.huntingbeastgear.com/products/beast-gear-hang-on-treestand

Where can I find the Beast Gear Stick assembly diagram?


What is the weight rating on Beast Gear Sticks?

300 lbs

How do I check your order status?

Activate your online account with the email account you ordered the sticks with or email info@huntingbeastgear.com  

Log into your account here https://www.huntingbeastgear.com/account/login

How many Beast Gear Sticks come in a pack?

Beast Gear Sticks are sold as single sticks 

Do Beast Gear Sticks come with a strap buckle?

Yes, Beast Gear Sticks come equipped with a strap buck

How high can I climb with 4 Beast Gear Sticks?

Most hunters can get 18-20 ft high with 4 Beast Gear Sticks.  Actual height may vary depending on the distance between sticks and height of the hunter.

How high can I climb with 4 Beast Gear Mini Sticks?

Most hunters can get 18-19 ft high with 4 Beast Gear Mini Sticks.  Beast Gear Mini Sticks are 4" shorter than regular Beast Gear Sticks

How many Beast Gear Sticks do most hunters order?

Most hunters order 3-5 sticks depending on their hunting needs 

Are Beast Gear Sticks made in the USA?

Beast Gear Sticks and Treestands are made in the USA.  All engineering, prototyping, testing, inspection, and packaging is done in the USA.

What type of Beast Gear Sticks are available?

For more information on the sticks please go to our product specs page https://www.huntingbeastgear.com/pages/product-specifications

How do I purchase Beast Gear Sticks?

Beast Sticks are available at https://www.huntingbeastgear.com/collections/climbing-sticks

Do we accept returns?

Yes returns are accepted, please see our return policy https://www.huntingbeastgear.com/policies/refund-policy