Climbing Stick Specifications

Beast Climbing Sticks

Light Weight

  • 2.2 lbs with fastening strap; the most lightweight climbing stick on the market. 
  • 1.7 lbs without fastening strap.
  • Industry-first Weight Reduction Holes maximizing weight reduction while allowing the Beast Climbing Sticks to take on the appearance of their natural surroundings.


  • The quietest climbing stick on the market; designed specifically with no moving parts to ​eliminate noise associated with movable joints and fixtures. ​​ 
  • Beast Climbing Sticks provide quiet, rock solid footing, allowing you to get closer to game when it counts. A quiet set up can mean the difference between a successful hunt or a season miss. 

​Advanced Foot Design

  • Industry first Antler foot design optimized for use on crooked or straight trees of varying diameters.
  • The Antler foot design uses multiple points of contact with the tree, giving you the stability and peace of mind you need to climb your tree quickly, safely and quietly.

Advanced Stacking Design

  • Non-staggered In-line Stacking was designed to allow a hunter to pack their sticks closer to their center of gravity, allowing for efficient weight distribution, which enables hunters to travel further distances on foot in-order to take the buck of a lifetime.
  • ​Packing gear in and out of the woods can be a challenging task itself, let alone locating and taking the buck of a lifetime.

Advanced Step Design

  • Most hunters are wearing boots in the field.  Depending on conditions hunters may have a number of boots to match the conditions they're hunting in.
  • Double Sided Angled Step Design provides a 9" fixed doubled sided step accommodating a variety of boot sizes and shapes.  Allowing for a large surface area of contact between the step and your boot.
  • The top step was specifically positioned to allow a hunter to place their full boot across the step while stepping on or off of their tree stand.  This allows for maximum stability and safety while making the transition from the Beast Climbing Sticks to your tree stand.
  • The Double Sided Angled Step Design prevents uneven weight distribution or boot slippage when the Beast Climbing Stick is required to set up on crooked trees at an angle.  You will no longer feel like your sliding off your step.   

Advanced Step Height 

  • The average human stride length ranges from 25" to 27".  ​At 22" between each step (standard sticks) and 18" between each step (mini sticks), the Beast Climbing Stick step height is well below the average human stride length, allowing for maximum step efficiency, safety, and stability for the majority of hunters on the market.
  • Efficient step height allows for maximum comfort and stability while climbing your tree.
  • If the step height is too short, your losing distance with each step up the tree.  Often requiring you to use an additional stick, adding more weight to your set-up.
  • If the step height is too tall, your risking safety and stability with each step up the tree.  Often requiring you to stretch or over-extend yourself to reach the next step.

Advanced Durability

  • Built from the highest quality Aluminum and Delrin ®, Beast Climbing Sticks are made for extreme conditions.
  • We've intentionally eliminated all moving parts to avoid excess wear & tear often associated with movable joints and fixtures.  
  • Beast Climbing Sticks were built with 4 years of in-the-field testing with prototypes to withstand the demands of the mobile hunter.

Product Specifications

Mini Sticks

  • 20" height total height (18" between steps)
  • 2 lbs with fastening strap
  • 1.7 lbs without fastening strap
  • No Moving Parts
  • Antler Foot Design
  • Non-staggered In-line Stacking Design
  • 9" Double Sided Angled Step Design
  • Made from Aluminum and Delrin ® 
  • 300lb weight rating
  • Made in USA