Mini Platforms

"The Bat", Hunting Beast Gear 9" Stick Platform

"The Raptor", Hunting Beast Gear 12" Stick Platform

Looking for a compact top/bottom stick platform option, look no further. The Mini Platforms provide a compact stick platform option for saddle hunters, and treestand hunters that integrates with our current climbing stick technology. The Mini Platforms can be added to any 1" square aluminum climbing stick tube with our patent pending locking technology. Specifically designed to work with our revolutionary Beast Gear Climbing Sticks, The Mini Platforms can be assembled as a top or bottom step/platform. Using our patent pending Antler Bracket Stand-Off design that changed climbing sticks forever, these will grip a tree link no other mini platform. An integrated 45 degree angled platform edge will reduce boot fatigue will providing a flat standing surface for those long saddle hunts. Look no further for a compact mini platform for your climbing sticks.