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Time Management

Time Management

Time Management

If you are like many other hunters, you often wear many different roles in your life ranging from hunter, father, mother, worker, coach, provider, and more. The various roles we play in our life can often pull us in different directions and at times make it difficult to focus on any one thing exclusively.

They key becomes prioritizing these roles and when it comes to hunting setting aside specific days/times when you can execute on your spring scouting plan without disrupting the other roles you play in your life. Set a schedule and make the people that depend on you in your life aware of it. This way everyone knows what to expect and allows you to stay focused on the time you have set aside for scouting when that time arrives. This may involve using small windows of time before or after work to review maps, checkout an area close to home, or scan some adjacent fields to bedding areas while driving home from work.

Make use of early morning hours on the weekends before the household is up and moving. You may have a chance to slip out for a couple hours every morning on a Saturday at dawn and be back before the family is up and moving.

In the end everyone's goals are different, but with any successful endeavor in life it requires focus and preparation. Think about how your spending your waking hours, and use it to your advantage!


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