Best Climbing Stick Features

Best Climbing Stick Features

Best Climbing Stick Features

When developing and designing hunting climbing sticks one may consider many factors including but not limited to durability, weight, usability, safety, and noise.

The Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks utilize a variety of design features to enabled todays modern hunter to get the best out of their experience in the woods without compromising durability, weight, usability, safety, and noise.


  • Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks climbing sticks are extruded out of 6061 T6 Aluminum. T6 aluminum is a hardened aluminum through a specialized heat treatment process. This makes the material durable under all weather conditions including extreme cold and extreme heat. This has a significant advantage over other materials such as carbon fiber, plastic polymers, and other composite metals.
  • Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks have no moving parts. Moving parts can cause wear and deformation of climbing stick components creating a safety issue for the hunter. Beast Gear Climbing Sticks eliminate that issue by removing all moving parts provided a solid fixed construction to climbing on.
  • Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks have an anodized coating which is a process that chemical bonds with the surface of the climbing stick material. This provides are durable weather resistant coating for the climbing sticks


  • Coming in at only 1.7 lbs. Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks are an industry leader in weight to strength ratio. The patented design features of the tube, step, and antler brackets focused on taking the maximum weight out of the climbing stick while retaining durability, safety, and usability


  • With no moving there is no guess work when climbing with Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks. Your foot will always have a solid Angled Double Step to stand on.
  • The uniquely designed Angled Double Step of Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks secures larger hunting boots while climbing and provides a level stepping surface even on angled trees allowing a hunter to get into a wide variety of tree types.
  • The 18" step to step climbing distance is the perfect stride length for hunters seeking a balance between packability and usability.
  • Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks vertically stack which allows a hunter to quickly, quietly, and efficiently unpack their climbing stick while setting up on a tree. This is key when hunting close to deer bedding areas.


  • Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks rival other brands by meeting ASTM and TMA standards for hunting climbing sticks
  • With no moving parts, and Fixed Angled Double Step the Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks changed the hunting industry opinion safe climbing sticks. Hunters prefer a fixed double step over the single moveable steps of the past.
  • With an unique Antler Bracket Stand-Off design, Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks are specifically designed to make multiple contact points with the tree ranging across a wide variety of tree sizes. The bell shaped curvature of the patented Antler Bracket Stand-Off design coupled with the position and orientation of each point allows the Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks to grip a tree better than any other climbing stick on the market today.
  • Made in the USA with premium materials Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks out pace other sticks on the market which are primarily made overseas including major mobile and saddle hunting brands.


  • With no moving parts, and an all 6061 T6 Aluminum construction Hunting Beast Gear Climbing Sticks provide a quiet climbing experience in extreme condition. No creaking or squeaking as found in sticks made with carbon fiber, plastic polymers, and other composite metals utilizing moving parts and components 
  • Hunting Beast Gear is a long time partner with Stealth Outdoors the leader in silencing your hunting gear with Stealth Strip ® 


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